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Creating white-label experiences that excelerate growth and sales

Area of expertise

In 2022 alone, Far Co led four large white-label design systems across multiple industries, both B2B and B2C and that powered both web and app products. These infinitively adaptable systems have generated incredible results—8x speed to market, 80% cost savings, 10x increase in partnership growth to name a few—allowing one experience to quickly and consistently be adopted and used by any new partner.

Although initially complex to define, and success dependent on a precise and specific framework, our unique expertise in this area ensures the correct definition and build of these systems that produce incredible ROI.

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Our Capabilities

Designed to generate business impact

  • 10x

    Partnership growth—Fintech

  • 80%

    Cost savings—Bank

  • 8x

    Speed to market—Insurance startup

Because the scalable system acts as the single source of truth for all brands that use it, teams can ensure a consistent and effective evolution of all connected products.

Gonzalo Sánchez –– Lead Product Designer, Far Co



Redesigning insurance resulting in 8x faster partnership expansion


There is projected to be 17 million new small business in 2022, and 85% of them looking for insurance through a digital channel. Huckleberry realized the opportunity and began shifting their business model from direct B2C to a white-label B2B product. They partnered with Far Co to redesign their B2B employee platform and B2C consumer experience with a white label approach.

Onboarding in the insurance sector has historically involved multiple phone calls and extensive paperwork. Getting a quote takes an average of 25 minutes. Our approach was a simple web form that automatically prefills publicly available data and reduces the overall steps by 300%. It generates an accurate estimate in 60 seconds.

The design system and token framework powers the white-label experience allowing Huckleberry to sell and onboard new partners in 8x less time.

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Producing 80% cost savings onboarding every new bank partner

Banco Rural

The Spanish bank is a conglomerate consisting of 30 different local banking entities throughout the country. Each with their own unique brand, the mobile app needs to adapt to each in a consistent and efficient way, while always maintaining global standards while evolving.

They partnered with Far Co to define, design and build the white-label app system that would power the transversal mobile app. Our system not only allows the experience to quickly change between unique brand assets like logo, color and typeface, but also more complex ones like illustrations and tone of voice.

Our solution can be adopted by any new partner 10x faster and produces a 80% cost saving with every new banking entity that connects to the system.


We partner with clients to rethink, make, and scale their products with clear business objectives related to lead capture, conversion, and the monetization of each idea.

Our startup mindset creates a unique business model—an "inverse pyramid" of significant partner involvement on all projects, backed by an agile team of senior talent. This allows us to think big, move fast, and create strong relationships with our clients based on common values and goals.

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